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Learning Realm for iOS App Development

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Learning Realm for iOS App Development
Learning Realm for iOS App Development
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Many modern apps need the ability to store and sync data across devices, and productivity apps often need collaborative features to be useful. Realm helps developers save time by making fast work out of accessing data and developing mobile apps that work as well offline as when online. In this course, learn how to use Realm features to build data-driven apps leveraging a mobile database and reactive architecture. Learn how to plan and implement data models with Realm. Find out how to save, retrieve, modify, and delete data. Discover how to Install Realm into a new app and an existing app. 

Learning Realm for iOS App Development

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  1. 学习Realm iOS App开发 许多现代app需要跨设备存储和同步数据的能力,并且生产力app经常需要具备协作的功能才有用。Realm可以帮助开发者通过快速开发可在离线时也能如在线时访问的数据和移动app,从而帮助开发者节省时间。在本教程中,学习如何利用移动数据库和反应时架构,使用Realm的功能开发数据驱动的app。学习如何使用Realm计划和部署数据模型。学习如何保持、检索、修改和删除数据。学习如何安装Realm到一款新的app和已有的app中。
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