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Building RESTful APIs in Laravel

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Building RESTful APIs in Laravel
Building RESTful APIs in Laravel
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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for building elegant applications. In this course, learn how to build a RESTful API using Laravel. Instructor Justin Yost goes over some of the basic pieces of the framework, and then covers how to build a browse, read, edit, add, and delete (BREAD) API in Laravel. He then shares how to customize your API, including how to load related data or subresources for a primary record, return nested data, and create a logging and rate limit middleware. He also explores how to use Behat to test your API and ensure that it works as expected.

Topics include:

  • Reviewing the basics of an API
  • Basic pieces of the Laravel framework
  • Reading, adding, editing, and deleting a record
  • API errors and exceptions
  • Transforming your API data
  • Returning nested and sideloaded data
  • Creating a logging middleware
  • Authenticating to your API
  • Basic and advanced endpoint testing

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