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XMind 8 Pro 3.7.7 Multilingual

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XMind 8 Pro 3.7.4 Build 201709040350 Multilingual

XMind 是一款非常实用的商业思维导图软件,应用全球最先进的Eclipse RCP 软件架构,全力打造易用、高效的可视化思维软件,强调软件的可扩展、跨平台、稳定性和性能,致力于使用先进的软件技术帮助用户真正意义上提高生产率。







XMind 8带给人耳目一新的观感。编辑时你只需点击一下鼠标即可快速打开,关闭和切换视图。此功能大大提高了用户的工作效率,并极大地改善了你的思维导图体验。

酷炫的新剪贴画图库帮助你轻松装饰你的思维导图。为了可视化你的想法,我们在XMind 8中加入了109个新设计以及分组的剪贴画。通过使用我们全新的剪贴画,你可以做出更直观的思维导图。



XMind 8 Pro 3.x Multilingual | 155.65 MB

The Most Popular Mind Mapping Tool on the Planet. XMind 8 Pro comes to a new stage with fresher look, better usability, and cloud. XMind 8 has a fresher look and feel. When editing, you can quickly open, close and switch views with just one click. This feature increases your work efficiency and improves your mind mapping experience enormously. 

Slide-based Presentation
With our new slide-based presentation, creating, presenting and sharing presentation become easier than ever. Mind mapping and presenting are harmoniously integrated in one software now. The Walk Through mode is still available.

Fresher Look
XMind 8 has a fresher look and feel. When editing, you can quickly open, close and switch views with just one click. This feature increases your work efficiency and improves your mind mapping experience enormously.

With XMind, you can start the individual brainstorming easily and quickly. The Idea Factory records and collects inspirations further and faster. A timer enables you to control the brainstorming session time. You can switch between day mode and night mode.

Gantt View
In XMind, you can add, modify and show task info directly in Gantt Chart view, including start/end date, assignee, priority, progress, milestone and task dependency.

Working with Office/PDF
Want to capture the sparkles of your mind and organize them in a structured way when preparing for a meeting or report? Luckily, with XMind, all these can be done easily by simple clicks. You can then export your fruit of work to Office/PDF instantly to facilitate your meeting/report.

Open Source & Awards Winner
With its feature of open-source (except some professional features), XMind makes it possible for you to integrate the software into your product, store data into XMind files, or even build your own mind mapping software based on XMind. And we are eager to see that.

What's New in XMind 8 Pro:
- Fresher look
- Slide-based Presentation
- Brand New Clip Art
- New Useful Templates

More Improvements:
- High resolution display support.
- Import & Export to OPML, Lighten file.
- Import Novamind maps.
- Resource Manager.
- Improved XMind Cloud.
- Support manual layout.
- Support adding idea groups in Brainstorming mode.
- Redesigned file encryption function and password hint supported.
- New Audio Notes operation interface.
- Optimize export function and add recent list.
- "Insert image from IconFinder" interaction optimization.
- Reorganized context menu.
- Preferences interface optimization.
- "Numbering" usability enhancement.
- Keyboard shortcuts optimization in Walkthrough Mode Presentation.
- Enhanced template management UI.
- Many other minor improvements.



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